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Corporate Events

We see events as a tool of communication. The launch of a product, gathering of company leadership or a rewards and recognition meet, all these events are experiences that create brand value. We design an ecosystem for your brand to ensure your purpose is met with experiential strategies and engagements. Our expertise in corporate events spans across Product and Company Launches, Facility Inauguration, Senior Management Conferences, Leadership Meets, Customer Experience Programs, Channel Partner Meets, Exhibitions, Reward & Recognition Events, and more!

Social Events

We create experiences that personify emotion and create soul stirring moments in evocative settings. Each milestone is cherished and should be made special. Our passion lies in designing these moments that make everlasting memories. With thoughtful ideas and personalization of concepts, we work tirelessly to ensure a perfect blend of ambiances, performances and surprises to make each experience unforgettable. We make this possible through innovative ideas, proactive servicing and high impact creativity. The social events we create are Weddings, Pre-Wedding Celebrations, HNI Get-Togethers, Silver & Golden Jubilee Events, Farewells & Personal Celebrations.

Special Events

From conceptualization, to customization, to execution, we seek to create an impact. The team hits the ground with rubber burning to create intense experiences that leave lasting impressions in their wake. We push the envelope on every front to deliver impactful projects that achieve their objectives. At ICE GLOBAL, we create events in the public domain that are uniquely ideated, planned to precision, glamorously packaged and executed to perfection. At the heart of every design, is the experience. We build events that span across award ceremonies, Bollywood launches, musical concerts, film festivals, television show launches, motorsports, public festivals, state events, and more!

Audio Visuals

We believe that visuals impact mindsets and transcend the spoken word. We provide end-to-end solutions for making audio visuals that are designed to deliver on the brief. Audio visuals have to power to tell spellbinding stories that reach out to the audiences and stay with them. We build structured AVs that construct the magic for your projects.

Social media

A social presence is what amplifies the event's presence in the online world. We, at ICE GLOBAL, take up constructive activation of the brand across all online platforms. We use social platforms to ensure that the drum rolls for your event reach out to the apt audience. We aim at reaching out to the relevant audience through targeted social media campaigns ensuring visibility and reach.

Gamification From Online and Offline

At the heart of engagement, lies immersive interaction. We gamify content to enhance interactivity engaging a large variety of audiences. We create gamification concepts that are deployable across online and offline spaces to enhance communication and drive home messaging.

Digital Animation

In the ever-evolving world, they say seeing is believing. Evolving with the world, we believe in enhancing communication through digital animation. Telling the tale of your brand with animation helps captivate audiences as they watch a story unfold. We create this tale with animation of logos and products, virtual walk-throughs, animated AVs, touch screens, augmented reality, chroma shot AVs, and so on.

Video Mapping

Staying current, is staying relevant. Cutting edge technologies are intricately woven into experiential engagements by us, to layer the virtual over the real. With the use of projection mapping and spatial augmented reality, we turn irregularly shaped objects and surfaces on to display surfaces creating larger than life stimulating environments. These are created on buildings, monuments, theatrical stages, products, and so on. Augmented reality is an evolving platform which we use to create surreal futuristic experiences

Live Video Broadcast

Amplification of events today is the key to successful projects. With use of online platforms, we broadcast event communication to create a holistic screening for audiences across the globe. This broadcast reaches the audiences with television show styling with layered content, overlays, supers, and many more enhancements. LIVE broadcasts are aired for product launches, press conferences, seminars, and award ceremonies.